Workers' Compensation

Lawyers with Connor, Evans & Hafenstein LLP have represented Workers' Compensation claimants since 1974. No fee is charged for the initial client consultation and fees are normally due only on a one-third contingency basis. Fees are also limited to 5% of ongoing temporary total compensation and 10% of ongoing wage loss.

At Connor, Evans & Hafenstein LLP, Kenneth Hafenstein, Daniel Connor, and Katie Woessner work tirelessly to help Workers' Compensation claimants receive the relief they need following their injury. Ken has been certified by the Ohio Bar Association as a specialist in Workers' Compensation law. This certification is granted only to attorneys who have proven skills at the highest level of Workers' Compensation practice.

In addition to our attorneys, our law firm employs a large staff of legal assistants to manage claims, keep files up to date, and process the next level of benefits. We are strongly commited to aggressively prosecuting claims at the Bureau of Workers' Compensation, the Ohio Industrial Commission, and in court, if necessary, to obtain the best possible results for our clients. Our offices utilize the latest technology and our computers are linked to the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation so that we can track the progress of claims in the most up-to-date-way. Our personnel are at the Ohio Industrial Commission and the Bureau of Workers' Compensation every day to conduct business necessary for the prompt resolution of claims.

Ohio Workers' Compensation law is a no-fault system which was designed to provide injured workers with payment of medical bills, lost income while unable to return to work, and benefits for permanent injuries. This concept is simple: if you are hurt at work you are entitled to benefits.

The laws which establish the Ohio Workers' Compensation system are among the most complex bodies of law in the State. Judges, hearing officers and lawyers are constantly debating the meaning of certain provisions in Ohio's workers' compensation law. Further, the legislature changes certain aspects of the law during virtually every session, meaning that old interpretations must be changed to deal with the new law. Our attorneys are equipped with the knowledge and the experience to deal with these changes and to present each case in a manner consistent with current interpretations of the law.

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