Firm Profile

Daniel D. Connor began his private practice as a solo practitioner in 1971. By 1980, he had focused his practice into four distinct areas of law: criminal law, DUI / OVI, personal injury, and workers' compensation. In 1990, Dennis P. Evans joined Dan's practice to assist with the burgeoning case load and proved to be an extremely effective litigator. Kenneth S. Hafenstein joined Dan and Dennis in 1995 and the three have remained a formidable team ever since.

Working together, Dan, Dennis, and Ken have firmly established a strong practice centered around DUI / OVI, workers' compensation, personal injury, social security, the defense of persons charged with crimes (mostly in the white collar area), and the defense of persons facing the loss of their professional license. In 1998, they merged their practice with another practice and Katie L. Woessner joined that firm as an associate in 2006.

The law firm of Connor, Evans & Hafenstein LLP was founded on January 1, 2008, by attorneys Daniel Connor, Dennis Evans, and Kenneth Haffenstein. Katie Woessner continues as an associate in this firm. Together, Dan, Dennis, Ken, and Katie continue to offer legal services to their clients and members of the community in the areas of law that they have spent decades practicing.

With Brewery District offices located in Courthouse Square, one block from the Franklin County Courthouse complex on South High Street, the attorneys and staff of Connor, Evans & Hafenstein LLP can be in the Courtroom within minutes of leaving their offices. This convenience allows us to serve our client's needs efficiently without delays or charges for travel.

Our location in downtown Columbus on High Street at Interstates 70 and 71 also provides easy access to the courts in Licking (Newark); Fairfield (Lancaster); Pickaway (Circleville); Madison (London); Union (Marysville) and Delaware counties as well as Zanesville, Marion, Springfield, Chillicothe and the surrounding areas of Central Ohio.

Our court experience and location in close proximity to the courthouses also allows Connor, Evans & Hafenstein LLP to serve as local counsel for out-of-state attorneys and Ohio lawyers from outside the Columbus area.

Attorneys with Connor, Evans & Hafenstein LLP have written and spoken extensively in their various areas of practice and have had a great deal of involvement in various government and community activities. This firm has both an extremely competent support staff and the latest law office technology which enables us to provide high quality legal services to our clients in the most efficient manner.