Criminal Law

At Connor, Evans & Hafenstein LLP, Daniel Connor and Dennis Evans have been representing clients charged with crimes, from traffic tickets to murder for many years. Both Dan and Dennis were formerly prosecutors in the Franklin County system. Connor has been defending criminal matters for almost forty years and Evans for over eighteen years.

Our attorneys thoroughly investigate the evidence and intensely research the applicable law so that we may defend clients by arguing that the prosecution is either not able to prove that a crime was committed by the accused or, alternatively, that the accused had a valid reason for his or her conduct. We also employ skilled investigators and apply sophisticated legal research techniques in order to provide our clients with the best possible defense.

The attorney's job is to ensure that a client's best interests are served and constitutional rights upheld. Thorough preparation, research, investigation and knowledge of the local court systems and the people who run them help Connor, Evans & Hafenstein LLP provide the highest quality criminal defense representation.

We can handle any felony or misdemeanor crime you may be charged with including homicide, assault, kidnapping, extortion, sex offenses, arson, robbery, burglary, trespass, theft, fraud, gambling, conspiracy, weapons offenses, drug offenses, and crimes against the public including inciting to violence, aggravated riot, riot, disorderly conduct, telecommunications harassment, and inducing panic.

If you need help with your criminal matter, contact Dan and Dennis at (614) 464-2025 for immediate assistance. Dennis can also be contacted on his cell phone at (614) 565-9265.

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