Someone, anyone, needs to stand and be heard on the resolute injustice being perpetrated upon John Demjanjuk by our government. Now comes the German government, of all people, one who certainly ought to be embarrassed to even mention anything related to the holocaust, and wants to prosecute this man on 29,000 counts of accessory to murder.

In the mid-1980's, the government of the United States "proved" that Mr. Demjanjuk was the sadistic Ivan the Terrible in the Treblinka death camp during World War II. In 1986 he was extradited to the State of Israel. Mr. Demjanjuk was incarcerated, on death row, no less,for seven years before the Supreme Court in Israel finally determined that he was not, I repeat not, Ivan the Terrible. He was then returned to the United States and his citizenship was restored in 1998. Now both Germany and the United States claim that he was a completely different Nazi guard at a completely different death camp! How is this possible?

How is it that our government "proves" that a person who is not Ivan the Terrible actually is Ivan the Terrible and then, when a truly honorable and independent fact finder, the Israel Supreme Court, concludes otherwise, instead of an apology from our government, Mr. Demjanjuk is then faced with a renewed persecution to again deport him? Doesn't this remind us of the kind of injustice imposed upon citizens by the Hitler regime which we all abhor?

I do not know John Demjanjuk and have no reason to support his position other than I am outraged at the fecklessness of our government which could do this to anyone that it decides to harass regardless of the facts or the law. Anyone reading this could be victimized if we as citizens do not demand that our government act in a responsible and legal way.

My position is in no way intended to condone Germany's treatment of the Jewish people under the Hitler regime. However, the irrational and foolish way that our government has treated this 89 year old man who has been a United States citizen since the 1950's is truly disgraceful.