It is time for all of us to rise up and demand that the NCAA remove all sanctions imposed as a result of the Jerry Sandusky affair. This is not an effort to support Sandusky in any way. But Jerry Sandusky has been dealt with through the criminal justice system as he should have been. His penalties have been harsh but appropriate under the circimstances. many believe that he should have received a greater punishment. Whatever one's opinion, it is irrelevant to the terribly draconian sanctions meted out to the University by the NCAA.

Consider - Sandusky was not associated with Penn State after 1998. The victories and other awards achieved by PSU that were vacated were received by the school after Sandusky was no longer there! Why nullify all of those victories when Sanduscky had nothing to do with them? A victory is a victory and you can't re-write history at the whim of an over eager autocrat.

The purpose served by vacating victories is to prevent a team from winning by using ineligible players. No such players participated in any of the victories which were vacated here. More vicious are the sanctions imposed by the NCAA for the future - no bowl games, less scholarships, etc. These sanctions are being imposed upon players, most if not all of whom who were in grade school when Sandusky was associated with Penn State!

It is time for all of us across the nation to stand up for this truly unjust punishment imposed upon this university which over the years has been a bastion of honor and integrity. The rush to judgment has no place here. It is not too late. Penn State has been punished enough.