Drunk Driving Penalties Are Out of Control!

Legislative bodies throughout the country, intimidated by certain well intentioned but misguided lobbying groups, continue each year to enhance the penalties for driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. They forget that: "Ok, we get it already"!! Harsher penalties are not going to change public attitudes about drinking and driving. The point has been made. The public is well aware of the danger and the risk of drinking and driving. In fact, some studies show that the sense of the public has been deadened by the constant increase in the penalties.

Breath Tests Inaccurate!

Well, the legislature is at it again. They will do anything to get their pictures in the paper or on TV regardless of the sense of the legislation. They continue to draft more and more legislation that is more and more punitive towards drinking and driving but they care not about defining who in fact are the culprits that society is concerned about.

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